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Sometimes there are invoices that cannot be issued because the value is voluntary or optional (open invoicing). Of course there must be a mechanism to get bill value from payers. Paybill provides a platform for these open incoicing requires, where this platform can also be used for crowdfunding initiatives (voluntary fundraising)

Biller as a Donation Institution
To take advantage of this feature, biller must register specifically at Paybill first. The biller can then gather several parties who will become campaigners, namely those who will make the donation program initiative. Campaigners can be members or employees of designated billers, biller partners, or even other parties who wish to get partnership with biller

Donation Program Initiative
The donation program initiative starts with creating interesting titles, making brief descriptions, detailed descriptions or story telling,, inserting photos, setting targets for fundraising, setting deadlines, updating current status, and sharing programs through social media

Zakat, Infaq, Shodaqoh
For billers who have zakat, infaq, or shodaqoh (ZIS) collection program, such as the Amil Zakat Institution (Laziz) or DKM (mosque administrators), they can take advantage of ZIS collection features, which already accommodate the calculation of income zakat, gold and silver zakat, trading zakat, savings zakat, and zakat fitrah

The status of collecting funds can be monitored online and realtime by billers. Billers can find out how many commitments that have been made (which is sent to donators in the form of invoices) as well as how much the payment are made


Own Brand and Domain
Billers can configure this crowdfunding application by their name, logo, brand, or even their own domain name. There is no necessary to develop a crowdfunding application itself which takes a lot of time and money


No Hassle of Technical Affairs
All crowdfunding infrastructure is provided by Paybill. Starting from servers, networks, crowdfunding applications to payment gateways. Including additional features development and daily operations. Billers only focus on programs and marketing


Make it Become Recurring
Some programs that are routine can be made in recurring mode. Automatic reminder will always be sent at certain period to the donors to donate to the program

Immediately want to feel benefits of Crowdfunding Platform?


PT Pilar Tagihan Indonesia

Paybill is an application developed to help the people and billers so that all billing processes can be made in an easier and in more efficient way


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