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Paybill imposes two types of fees on for invoicing and crowdfunding platforms, namely platform fees (payment rates for the Paybill application platform) and payment transaction fees (payment transaction rates)

This fee is applied for the use of the invoicing application platform. This is based on the number of bills, the number of reminder and the amount of information successfully sent

Paket Pengiriman All Media Email + PDF SMS + Email WA + Email
Fee per pengiriman Rp. 150 Rp. 25 Rp. 125 Rp. 50


This fee is applied for the use of the crowdfunding platform application platform. The amount is handed over to donors (payers), up to them. Paybill will only inform to donors that to carry out this fundraising process, there are several costs that will be risen, such as the cost of developing and maintaining the system, SMS, Email or WhatsApp notification fees, and other costs so that the quality of the system can be maintained properly. As for the amount, Paybill will provide several options in percentage, or donors (payers) can determine for themselves what percentage is appropriate

Transfer or Payment with Virtual Account with the same bank
Payments can be made through the relevant bank channel, either ATM, mobile banking or internet banking. Payment is performed through the Payment / Virtual Account menu and no transaction fees to customers (payers). Banks that have collaborated with us are: Bank Mandiri, BNI Bank, BRI Bank, Bank Danamon, CIMB Niaga Bank, Maybank, KEB Hana Bank, and Permata Bank
Transaction Fee: Rp 4.500,-/transaction
Settlement: D + 2

Transfer Virtual Account Inter Bank
Payments are made through any bank channel, both ATMs via the Transfer / Interbank menu and customers (payers) are subject to interbank transfer transaction fees by the customer's bank. This payment is suitable if the customer bank is outside the eight banks that already partnership with Paybill
Transaction Fee: Rp 3.000,-/transaction
Settlement: D + 2

Credit Card
Payment is conducted online through Visa, mastercard or JCB Credit Card
Transaction Fee: 3,2% + RP 2.500,-/transaction
BCA Card: 2,5% + Rp 2.000,-/transaction

Settlement: D + 2

Debit Online
Payments are made directly online where Paybill will direct customers (payers) to the Bank payment page. Banks that have collaborated are BCA (BCA Klikpay), Bank Mandiri (Mandiri ClickPay), and Bank CIMB Niaga (CIMB Click)
Transaction Fee: Rp 5.000,-/transaction
Settlement: D + 2

Convenience Store (Alfa Group)
Payments can be made at Alfa Group outlets (Alfamart, AlfaMidi, Alfa Express, Lawson, and Dan + Dan) throughout Indonesia with special payment codes
Transaction Fee: Rp 6.500,-/transaction
Settlement: D + 4

*1. Transaction rates do not include 10% VAT
*2. Invoicing platform fee is paid by biller through settlement payment mechanism (deducted from customer payment to biller)
*J3. If there is no payment from the customer, Paybill will sent invoice to the biller on a monthly basic

PT Pilar Tagihan Indonesia

Paybill is an application developed to help the people and billers so that all billing processes can be made in an easier and in more efficient way


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