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Automating Billing and Collection Process

For companies or institutions that already have a billing system, we provide host-to-host invoicing features, where the company's billing system is integrated with Paybill. This makes the companies able to take advantage of billing management features, PDF conversion, online sending, and provide customer payment facilities through various Paybill payment channels


Billing System
Billing system is a company invoice processing application system, where the output is in the form of customer billing data

Paybill Plugin
A small paybill application that is installed on the company's server, serves to send company invoice data to the Paybill system. The Paybill plugin consists of a billing database (Postgree SQL), a scheduler system, which periodically sends invoice data to Paybill, and an API (Application Programming Interface) that connects plugin applications to the Paybill Invoicing application

Small Program
A small application made by company or institution. Its function is filtering which billing data that want to send to Paybill, and sending the invoice or billing data to the Paybill Plugin application database

There are two types of APIs that Paybill provides. First, the API has been built-in installed in Paybill Plugin. The company does not need to develop more API applications to synchronized with Paybill, but only developing a small application to move the selected billing data in the biller system to the plugin database. The second type of API is installed directly on the Paybill system. Billers need to develop an interface application to connect to the paybill based on a predefined API document standard

Invoice Setup
Set the template, settings for sending media, cost items, biller profiles, etc., performed in the Paybill Invoicing Management System application (access with a user ID and password)

Host to Host Invoicing is suitable for 
Insurances, Multifinances, BPR or banking, big Koperasi, or retail service companies


Using Company Own Application
Send invoices or reminder as well as monitor payment status can be done from company application that has been integrated with Paybill. It's much easier


Selected Data Only
Data sent to Paybill is only data that required to be billed. The data component sent does not necessary for all item. Safe and comfortable for the company


End to End Solution
The company just simply provides billing data. Delivery, billing, reminder, payment collection and payment status notifications matter, leave it to Paybill

Immediately want to feel benefits of host-to-host Invoicing services?


PT Pilar Tagihan Indonesia

Paybill is an application developed to help the people and billers so that all billing processes can be made in an easier and in more efficient way


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