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Get Paid Your Invoices Faster

With Paybill your invoices can be sent digitally to customers's smartphone and can be paid directly through a variety of payment methods

Comprehensive Invoice Management Solution

From large companies to individuals, Paybill provides a variety of integrated and
comprehensive solutions



Solutions for individual and SMEs billers that do not yet have a billing system and are still work manually


Host to Host Invoicing

Integrate companies billing system to Paybill invoicing application
with API system


Crowdfunding Platform

Providing an easy crowdfunding system to raise social funds online (open invoicing)


Attractive and Professional Invoice Design

Invoices will be displayed in attractive and professional design. Made in digital PDF format so that billers can send to their customers online, easily stored and printed whenever needed.
Paybill provides several interesting invoice template designs. Just choose it. Even billers can submit special designs to paybill, which will then be made into one of the paybill invoice template choices 


Send it to Various Types of Media and
Only One Click to Pay

Invoices will be sent directly to the customer's smartphone via WhatsApp, SMS, Email, and in the Incoming Bills menu on the Paybill mobile application (android or iOS).
Customers can directly make payments by accessing the URL or payment button listed on the invoice 

Various Payment Methods For Your Customers


Bank Transfer
Customers can pay invoices via ATM or mobile banking or internet banking using the Virtual Account code provided according to the selected bank


Alfa Group Store
Customers can pay invoices while shopping for necessities in AlfaGroup stores that have spread everywhere in Indonesia just by showing the payment code at the cashier


Online Payment
Customers can pay invoices online with a credit card, BCA KlikPay, CIMB Click & Mandiri Click Pay through Paybill payment channel or Paybill Payment application


Comprehensive Dashboard and
Payment Status Monitoring from Anywhere

 Billers can see invoices payment status anywhere via a computer or smartphone though. With a comprehensive and user friendly dashboard, billers can find out the overall status of invoices that have been sent and paid for each month. Not only for the overall, even the detail status of the invoices can be very easily seen

Reminder feature
There is an automatic reminder feature that can be set its delivery schedule and then sent directly to the customer's smartphone 

Accurate Data Management
All data inputted in the system will be guaranteed accurate because there are features that work to validate the collectible data in detail

Guaranteed Data Security
Customer data is very unlikely to be lost or stolen because Paybill has implemented several main data security standards and placed in the data centers that are already ISO 27001 certified

Information Blast
Biller can also send or blast many information to their customers such as promo, product update, term and condition, new policy, etc

What They Said about Paybill 

Testimoni Paybill

Since using Paybill, residents now never been late to pay contributions, and no necessary to collect it at their home

Paybill is cool. Pioneers in invoice collection. Batam Center Point as a Biller, feels the benefits of Paybill

Alhamdulillah, with Paybill we are more advanced,more developed, and getting a lot of public trust and from partners as well

Paybill is suitable for 

Just in one application, you can send bills, monitor payment status, raise funds for donations, and pay bills as well


Want to know more about Paybill?

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PT Pilar Tagihan Indonesia

Paybill is an application developed to help the people and billers so that all billing processes can be made in an easier and in more efficient way


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